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About Imaculum

Imaculum is a solution to a problem that Charles Henderson encountered when photographing events - how to display different images to multiple people at the same time.

Charles experienced a loss of revenue whilst showing images on just one screen due to potential customers walking away due to a queue of other people also waiting to view their images.

This was particularly frustrating because time and energy, and skill had gone towards capturing great photos of these people. This time, energy and skill was made immediately redundant when the photos were never seen by the potential customer.

Imaculum takes captured images and distributes them across multiple viewing screens. Any image can be viewed at any moment in time on any of the viewing screens in use. The number of viewing screens in use can be adapted to meet the requirements of a particular event.

Orders placed by the customer are communited back to a central computer where the order can then be fulfilled (paid for, printed, emailed, etc.)

Charles Henderson

Charles Henderson

Charles is the creator of Imaculum and a professional photographer. Along with developing Imaculum he photographs corporate events, corporate promotional materials, awards dinners, graduations, school portraits, family portraits and baby portraits.

Prior to working as a freelance photographer, he worked as a cruise ship on-board photographer and manager, and shore side photography operations manager.