What Is Imaculum?

Imaculum is workflow software designed for event photography image display, purchase and order management. In addition, it enables the photographer to easily create multiple viewing stations to display their images to their customers whilst on-site at an event.

Imaculum allows the photographer to shoot and print photos with the image file workflow handled for them by the software. On site printing is well received by customers and generally results in the greatest revenue for the photographer. However, Imaculum can also allow for the customer to place an order whilst on-site at the event and for the order to be fulfilled (either digitally or in print) once the photographer has returned to their office following the event.

Display Your Images - With Minimal Fuss...

Once Imaculum has been set-up for the first time, all you need to do is keep your licence valid and it will be ready to go when you're next at an event. No hassle, no fuss. Just plug in the power cables to your computers and router, connect your computers to your network, start Imaculum on each PC and your files will be syncing across your network within moments.

Leaving you to do what you do best. Capture great photographs...


Pain vs Gain

Complex Workflow

A workflow involving multiple complex to use photography applications is slow and confusing and requires skilled staff.

Queue of Customers

One computer screen showing your work will result in queues of frustrated customers waiting to view their photos.

Not An I.T. Expert

Networking computers together so you can display images and take orders using multiple computer screens is hard, and can be an incredibly time consuming and frustrating process to set up.

Poor Event Revenue

You place your images in an online gallery quickly following an event, but then few people view and purchase. You've done all the work capturing the images, but made little money.

High Price

Specialist photography software is expensive to buy.

Simple Workflow

Imaculum manages your files and information from image import, all the way through to final order processing.

Happy Customers

Imaculum allows your customers to view their images on any number of screens - no queuing!

No I.T. Required

With the simple click of our 'Find Computers' button, Imaculum finds other computers running Imaculum and then shares images automatically, allowing you to concentrate on the photography.

Boost Revenue

Imaculum makes taking orders whilst at an event easy. You can choose to process the orders whilst at, or following, the event. Either way, you've taken payment for your work.

Low Price

Imaculum is available for a low monthly fee, with no contract.